Our thoughts go to the reporters, incredulous witnesses wandering in the last terrible massacre of Gaza; subjected to censorial harassments imposed by military force, which they often violate at the cost of their lives.”

Just a castaway
146,5 x 199,5 cm c.a.
digital print on 300 g/ mq fine art paper, pigments for archival preservation

Galleria DuePuntoZero hosts “Just a Castaway”, the outcome artworks between Ferrariofreres and Hypothesesnonfingo (Hypo).

The artwork can be seen through the Gallery window already and was born from the suggestions coming from the continuous flow of war images and their inevitable collateral effects. This flow resonates with Géricault’s Méduse and Sebald’s pages on destruction, authors who are familiar with the tools of reportage. The structure of the image, which has settled on this whole idea, was built referrring to the works of Hoch and Hausmann and with references to Eric Baudelaire’s works on the war.

Photo by Marco Riva

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