Torge Steffens

“Alone we are nothing, but together we must find a way for our future, in harmony with nature.”


Torge Steffens is a German artist and designer, particularly inspired by nature, urban surroundings and people.

Born in 1974 in Bremervörde, a small town in northern Saxony near Bremen, Steffens developed a passion for musical and pictorial arts from an early age. He began continuously painting as a teenager and then he developed a style and his own technique in his early twenties, while studying Communication Design in Hamburg.

After working as a freelancer for four years, in 2006 he co-founded VISID, an agency specialized in packaging design and in branding for daily and frequent use products, successfully developing innovative and durable design solutions. During this period his career as an artist suffered a setback, devoting himself only to sketches and illustrations.
Since 2016, simultaneously with his career as a designer, he started painting again, this time with all the experience gained as a creative director. He focused his research on the analysis of interactions in contemporary society, observing how people interact with each other and with the environment around them.
According to Steffens, contemporary society is not cohesive. Everyone, if taken individually, is not only powerless but helplessly watches life flow by, as if there were nothing wrong with the way the world works First with the series “Ach… Mensch” and then with “Together” and “We: Now” the artist examines all of this and proves that alone we are nothing but together we must find a way for our future, in harmony with nature.

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