Giulio Centurelli

“I have always felt the need to leave traces of my thoughts, as if this could free me from that restlessness that both suffocates and fascinates me. I am driven by deep internal research into existence and the complicated relationship between my introverted self and society. Human existence is the theme to which I am strongly attached and which I try to tell through my works”


Giulio Centurelli art is based on the use of multi-material mediums: fusing paint, lacerations, scratches, cuts and scars searching for depths in human existence. Thus, his works communicate an ambiguity which develops an intense interaction with the observer.
Centurelli is a self-taught artist. Born in 1978 in Bergamo where he lives and works, he approaches art through photography and poetry, reflecting on the nuances that bind the artist himself to society and, more generally, to interiority as an element of universal analysis.
The need to talk about existentiality begins with the series “Ferite” and “Ruggine”, continues with “Epifragma” and it is well embodied today in the series “Anamorfica Muta”, presented for the first time at Galleria DuePuntoZero on the occasion of the opening of the Gallery with the collective exhibition Ri-Nascita, from September 16th to October 5th, 2022.

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