Since the very beginning the research of FerrarioFreres has been oriented towards the investigation of the relationships between nature and culture, language and technique, “Kultur” and Civilization, in an expressive and formal context that privileges the photographic medium and the video installation. Therefore, their art looks at life in a phenomenological way, analyzing cultural behavior with an unconventional approach.


FerrarioFreres is a group of artists

whose members live and work betweenilan and Bergamo. It was formed in the mid-nineties. Its characteristics are fluidity and choral quality: indeed, the group is open in its composition and collaborations, even for a short period, drawing on various disciplines of art and parallel fields, including music, poetry, anthropology, botany and zoology.


“The original inspiration for our work is photography and its derivatives; light is considered in its ability to remodulate the space from which the image emerges, transforming the photographic eye into a sort of antidote to the excess of subjectivity of modern man. A scientific-materialistic antidote, which is by nature shareable by multiple individuals. Photography arises from the order of rationality to testify to phenomenal appearance. But it ends up shedding light on a reality to which man is a stranger. It exists only as an alibi to exorcise fear regarding its outcomes.”

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