Antonello Diodato Guardigli

BIOGRAPHY Antonello Diodato Guardigli – also known as A.D.Guardigli – focuses all his energy through matter, dedicating himself to the impulsive abstract, an art that comes from the anger and rebellion he carries inside.Born in Salerno but raised in Forlì in the heart of Romagna,

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Giulio Centurelli

BIOGRAPHY Giulio Centurelli art is based on the use of multi-material mediums: fusing paint, lacerations, scratches, cuts and scars searching for depths in human existence. Thus, his works communicate an ambiguity which develops an intense interaction with the observer. Centurelli is a self-taught artist. Born

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Torge Steffens

BIOGRAPHY Torge Steffens is a German artist and designer, particularly inspired by nature, urban surroundings and people. Born in 1974 in Bremervörde, a small town in northern Saxony near Bremen, Steffens developed a passion for musical and pictorial arts from an early age. He began

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